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Osteoarthritis can be a debilitating condition. Osteoarthritis can emerge as a natural result of the aging process, and it can also be aggravated by certain injuries, repetitive motion, or wear-and-tear. Osteoarthritis can impair a patient’s quality of life. Unfortunately, the condition has historically been difficult to treat.  More recently, Pain Management Specialists have been offering joint injections as a minimally invasive treatment for osteoarthritis.


How Do Joint Injections Work For Osteoarthritis?

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Joint injections often involve drugs called corticosteroids. Pain Management Specialists may also utilize anti-inflammatory medications or anesthetics. These drugs are injected directly into the joint where they will provide relief from osteoarthritis symptoms. This form of treatment is minimally invasive and often provides immediate relief. The relief produced by this form of treatment may last patients for several months.

Receiving a joint injection is simple. Your pain management doctor will identify the problem area, sanitize your skin, and insert the needle precisely into whichever joint is causing you arthritic pain under either ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance.  These procedures generally can be conveniently done in the office and takes only a few minutes to perform.In most cases, you’ll experience relief right away. In addition to the steroid medication, Pain Management Specialists generally include anesthetics. These will immediately numb the area, relieving any discomfort while the steroids begin to take effect. As the anesthetic wears off, the steroids will be in full effect. Relief can last anywhere from weeks to months and can be extended even further when combined with conservative treatments like Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and/or Acupuncture.

Joint injections are a promising treatment when compared to other treatments involving the use of corticosteroids. When taken orally, long term corticosteroid use is known to cause several unwanted side effects, including osteoporosis and weight gain. Fortunately, injecting corticosteroids directly into the joint reduces some of these side effects.  Joint Injections are a fantastic, non-invasive form of treatment for people struggling with osteoarthritis.

Pain in the joints can occur at many points throughout an individual’s life. It is how your body tells you something is wrong and acts as a signal to rest or seek treatment.

It is always necessary to educate about the treatments you are going for! At Noracare Wellness  we’ll inform you about all the process. Call today if you have any questions or to book an appointment at (201) 880-1400.

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