Cellulite + fat reduction

Cellulite + fat reduction

Cellulite is a popular and harmless skin condition, mainly prevalent in 80-90% of adult women.

It causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on different body areas, making them less attractive. Though these may appear beautiful on the face, they are the worst on thighs. These include hips, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, etc. A majority have been looking forward to paying millions of dollars in treating it. But before that, it is a must to find out if the skin condition qualifies for cellulite.

Even though none of the causes appear, the reason behind it can also be due to genetics.

Since it is rare in men, women suffer as these may also appear during pregnancy, menopause, and adolescence. It is due to fat buildup under the skin while their appearance varies as per age, the fat percentage in the body, and genes.

Classifications for cellulite
The appearance of cellulite may be due to the body position. Some of the classifications are as below;
– No visible dimpling
– Visible dimple only on pinch/squeeze
– Visible dimple when standing
– Dimple is present every time

“Fat loss can help in reducing the appearance of the cellulite.”

As far as cellulite and fat loss are connected, a healthy lifestyle may reduce its risk. Several people who eat fats, salt, and limited fiber are at a greater risk of cellulite. It may also be a common problem among smokers who stay in one position for a long time. Its formation is also possible among people wearing tight clothes. On the other hand, this attached risk to people having a slim body.

Treatment for cellulite
Even though there are several ways to get it treated, fat reduction helps push the tissues. It means a healthy and balanced diet accompanied by exercise can also help reduce cellulite appearance. Other kinds of treatments include the following;

– Deep tissue massage
Going for massage therapy can help with increasing the blood flow, eliminating the toxins, and reducing the tissue fluids. Massaging of the body has always proved itself in fat reduction.

– Nutritional changes
The changes in diet plans can leave significant effects and help with boosting metabolism, increasing fat breakdown, enhancing cellular nutrition, and a lot more.

– Fat loss
Even though the appearance of cellulite is not due to one being overweight, there are 50% chances for its treatment with weight loss and strength training strategies.

There are many other treatments people choose for treating cellulite. Where Mesotherapy is one of the temporary treatments, tanning rays from the sun is a safer and long-lasting alternative. No matter what treatment you opt for, each of them is experimental to date!

It is always necessary to educate about the treatments you are going for! At Noracare Wellness  we’ll inform you about all the process. Call today if you have any questions or to book an appointment at (201) 880-1400

Cellulite + fat reduction

Cellulite + fat reduction
Cellulite + fat reduction
Cellulite + fat reduction
Cellulite + fat reduction


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