Electrodiagnostic Testing

Electrodiagnostic Testing

For disorders affecting the nerves and muscles, Electrodiagnostic Testing is an invaluable tool which is used to help establish a diagnosis and determine the severity of a Neuro-Muscular problem. Electrodiagnostic Testing specifically reads the electrical signals that travel from the brain to motor/sensory nerves to muscles. An injury or disease can interrupt these electrical signals and can be noted in anyone who experiences weakness, atrophy, fatigue, cramps, abnormal muscle movements, burning, stiffness, numbness, and tingling.

At NORACARE we are proud to offer Electrodiagnostic Testing which measures the speed and intensity of these electrical signals which travel along the nerves. It also tests reaction time for a response which can help our skilled physicians determine where along a nerve pathway a blockage may be.

During the test, patients are usually asked to lie down. Small electrodes are then placed along the course of the nerve that’s being tested and mild electrical impulses are sent along the course of a nerve in the arm or the leg. These impulses then measure response times also known as conduction velocities. A healthy nerve will transmit this signal faster and stronger than an injured nerve. The test is typically painless but patients may experience a tingling sensation or some muscle twitching.

Electrodiagnostic Testing
Electrodiagnostic Testing


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