Red and brown spots treatment

Red and brown spots treatment

Red and brown spots on the skin today are nothing new. These can be sunspots, lentigo, liver spots, or solar lentigines. So when you see any color, you need not be shocked as these are either black, brown, red, or light brown. The majority time, distinguishing them is easier from the malignant melanomas through the ABCD.

ABCD of Melanoma

A= Asymmetry, meaning that ½ of the melanoma was different than the other half.
B= Border integrity, blurred and irregular melanoma.
C= Color in the melanoma will reflect multiple shades, ranging from light tan to deep black.
D= Diameter that is greater than 6mm.

Some of the other signs include: oozing, change in size, bleeding, etc., one can always get recommendations.

There is a higher risk of age spots when the skin is exposed to UV rays. The production of skin melanin is an attempt to protect one from all harmful rays. Keep in mind that not every time the production of melanin is even, especially when we get older. As a result, red and brown spots occur. Though they are difficult to remove completely, these can be treated to reduce their cosmetic impact using several approaches.

Red and brown spots treatment

• Bleaching
One can always try to bleach the spots by inhibiting melanin production, especially in the affected areas. There are numerous over-the-counter creams containing bleaching agents like azelaic acid, Kojic acid, hydroquinone, licorice extract, ascorbic acid tretinoin, etc. They are not a quick fix and may require regular usage for at least a year for perfect results. Making use of it is essential as this may also help in lightening the surrounding skin if applied.

• Microneedling

As per my experience, Microneedling is one of the most effective ways to get rid of red and brown spots. The device works well with the rolling device, causing dermis and epidermis that results in the reproduction of the skin with fresh collagen and new skin cells. The use of bleach in combination works to lighten the spots.

So if you have larger areas of pigmentation, the combination may work effectively. If you just using Microneedling, one can get the results with several uses with vitamin A cream.

• Skin peels
Skin peels comprise AHA (alpha-hydroxy-acids) like glycolic acid and lactic acid that will take off the superficial skin layer, causing regeneration of the underlying epithelium. Thereby, resulting in skin lightening. When used with bleach, the results appear to be more effective.

• Laser therapy
A large number of research papers have confirmed that several laser frequencies in a skilled hand can work effectively. The only problem that occurs with non-experts is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Such treatment needs to be accurately targeted. If not, the surrounding skin may become darker.

When going for the therapy, ask your therapist to treat inconspicuous test spots so that the response to the skin can be achieved.

It is always necessary to educate about the treatments you are going for! At Noracare Wellness we’ll inform you about all the process. Call today if you have any questions or to book an appointment at (201) 880-1400

Brown Spots Treatment
Brown Spots Treatment
Brown Spots Treatment


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