Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

At Noracare Wellness, our mission is to increase quality of life and longevity in a preventative innovative fashion, instead of simply treating symptoms as they arise. We care for our patients. We focus in Recovery.

we have a unique approach to sports medicine. Apart from the standard physical therapy and cortisone injections that many doctors may prescribe for joint, muscular or tendon injuries (Figure 1), we focus and have expertise in Hydrocision

This cutting edge procedure seeks to repair damaged tissue and promote cellular healing without surgery! Amazing! The concept is very simple.

When a muscle or tendon is injured, there is tremendous swelling, pain and scar tissue (Figure 2) that rapidly develops as a result. Hydrocision uses specific instruments utilizing high velocity water flow to rid the injured body part of localized scar tissue formation and literally dispose of local inflammatory mediators and waste products that cause pain and impair healing.

Lastly, the procedure induces microscopic tears to the surrounding tissue to initiate healing by kickstarting the localized cellular structures to produce growth factors to repair the damaged area! In fact, we may be able to enhance the outcomes by simply adding platelet rich plasma (Figure 3) or stem cell (Figure 4) injections to kickstart the healing process even further!

Contact us anytime to find it out more about our innovative procedures. At Noracare Wellness , we care and we are here to help you in the path to recovery!

Sport Medicine
Joint, muscular or tendon injuries (Figure 1)
Swelling, pain and scar tissue (Figure 2)
Sport Medicine

Platelet rich plasma (Figure 3)

Stem cell (Figure 4)

Sport Medicine, Sport Medicine


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