MORPHEUS8 is not only a micro needle device but a complete face and body treatment. This device works with the combination of microneedling and radiofrequency that encourages collagen production. It is an effective tool for every skin type. So, if you are struggling with skin tightening issues, you can always go for this therapy.

“A large number of cosmetic surgeons are using this technology as it is the advanced treatment”

Being the first of its kind, this device carries the small needles that prick the skin. Thereby, helping to produce and encourage collagen production for healthy, soft, and smoother skin. If you’ve ever gone through the microneedling process, this device works in the same way. But with advancement of collagen production with the addition of radiofrequency. The process starts with the application of the numbing cream, followed by the pins that penetrate the tissue, coagulate the fats, and contract the connective tissues that help with tightening the area.

Looking for a safer face and body treatment? MORPHEUS8 treats every skin type without any side effect. One may only face redness as the side effects that clears on its own after a few days. The combination of micro needle and radiofrequency together turns out to be a secret behind the effectiveness of the device.

What kind of issues do MORPHEUS8 treat?

MORPHEUS8 has gained popularity over the years and can treat loose or sagging skin on the face and other parts of the body. Additionally, it also works for eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks, discolorations, acne scarring, sagging under eyes, etc. Even if you are going through any other contouring procedure, this device won’t create any trouble for you.


MORPHEUS8 is equipped with a variety of benefits due to its multiple uses. So if you want to eliminate the facial fat volume or remove acne scarring, wrinkles, and some other cosmetic concerns, the device works best. Undergoing the procedure will help you in getting back your self-confidence that you may be losing due to cosmetic changes with age.
What is next best is the shorter treatment time with this device that fade away the stretch marks completely and offer quicker results.

How painful is getting treated with MORPHEUS8?

With the application of numbing cream at the beginning of the treatment, the procedure that goes with MORPHEUS8 is relatively painless. Even though the needles are very sharp and fine, these help puncture the skin without any hurtful pilling. Note that there is always a slight prickling at the beginning which is followed by the warmth. The controlled and consistent heat allows the practitioner to offer a uniform treatment.

When you go for the treatment, you may fear the after effect. But with MORPHEUS8, there is just simple pinpoint bleeding and swelling around some treated areas. Where it has been evidenced that a majority goes to work the next day, a precaution is always to avoid the sunlight for at least a week. Enjoy the treatment with an experienced therapist!

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face and body treatment, face and body treatment

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    “A large number of cosmetic surgeons are using this technology as it is the advanced treatment”

    – Dr. Joseph Jimenez

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