Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetic is defined as the natural process of beautifying and enhancing the facial skin appearance that may have received the damage caused by the ageing factor, unhealthy lifestyle, and polluted environment. This is a non-surgical facial treatment that helps one enjoy the soft expression lines and the highlight of several facial features via the botox fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, facial implants, facelift, and similar other things.

When does the need for facial aesthetic arises?

The need for facial aesthetics arises when people move towards the process of ageing. Even the youngsters with abused skin due to unhealthy lifestyles and polluted environments will ask for the service, especially for the radiant and youthful appearance. From softening the wrinkles to contouring the face and defining all the features, this treatment works wonderfully.
“The best about facial aesthetic is that it can be made without any need for anaesthesia or any discomfort”

What are the services included in the Facial Aesthetics Services?

Facial treatments that are a part of Facial aesthetic includes the following;
• Botox
Botox is one of the popular treatments in which it is injected into the facial muscles without affecting the muscles. It works as a muscle relaxer that affects and blocks the transmitters that are between the motor nerves with an aim to innervate the muscles. Having injected, the botox will smoothen the skin within a week or 10 days of the injection. The effects last for 3-4 months and then it is recommended for the patients to go through a similar process.

**Avoid going for botox if you are a pregnant lady or a breastfeeding mother.

• Microneedling
This is a process in the aesthetic where the practitioner perforates the upper two different layers of the skin including the upper and middle using a small and sterilized needle. This results in the wounds that go through a healing process as well, stimulating the skin cells and helping out the skin to produce new collagen and skin cells. The natural results of this process can be achieved after the second or third session.

• Dermal Filler
This has been defined as a safe treatment for the face that naturally restores the volume and fullness within the skin. Thereby, working on the overall improvement of the skin. Such a treatment is recommended for people who are willing to have dealt with deeper lines and wrinkles. These fillers can also assist in improving the highlighted features of the face that includes cheeks, lips, etc.

• PRC (Platelet-rich concentrate)
This treatment includes isolating the platelet-rich concentrate present in the blood to allow the skin cells for collagen production and works for the betterment of the skin elasticity as well. Thereby, helping you enjoy completely youthful skin. When having this treatment combined with micro needling, the results can be far better. But the fear of allergic reaction makes people not go for two together.

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    “The best about facial aesthetic is that it can be made without any need for anesthesia or any discomfort.”


    – Dr. Joseph Jimenez

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